The council attempts to abduct a woman off the street—Jack Eastburn of the Special Forces Bearclaw Team wants to know why. 

Geneticist Emma Worthington doesn’t appear special on paper, but one whiff of her scent tells Jack that she’s his fated mate. 

The problem? 

It’s been eighty years since an alpha elite had a fated mate. Jack doesn’t know how to be a mate. But he knows someone’s after Emma. 

How can he keep her safe from those trying to abduct her when he’s not sure how to keep her safe from himself?

The mating heat means he needs to keep his distance…

…Which makes her an easy target. 

Fighting his primal urges to keep her safe while getting to the bottom of who wants her and why might be the hardest thing Jack’s ever had to do. 

Available in Print and Ebook.