You don’t expect anything bad to happen on a tropical island holiday, but for Nina discovering a friend dead means teaming up with the one man she came there to escape……..

Following an SOS Nina discovers a friend, dead.

Pulled away by the man she’s had a crush on forever, the two find safety while orders are given for them to stay close and investigate. Nina’s not a field agent, but that’s the least of her concerns. How can she stay when their cover is as a honeymoon couple on a resort? When bullets are flying and their lives are in danger, it’s easy to forget he’s not her mate.

Being pretend lovers has never been this hard.

William can’t admit that Nina calls to his bear. Rule number one; don’t screw the crew. Besides Ryan his fellow team mate, has said that no one is good enough for his sister. And maybe hunting for a killer isn’t the best time to be exploring his desire for her. Right now , he needs to protect her, find out if Jeremy’s death has some council connection, and avoid the urge to claim Nina for his own — even if she is his fated mate.