Men! A woman doesn’t need one to make their lives complete , does she?

Emily Wilde is sick of picking the ‘safe male.’ It’s not working for her. She’s tired of always being second best. So maybe a good time, not a long time, is what she needs.

Buts is it as simple as that?

Blake Adams is a man who has seen some of this world. As an ex-SAS military operative, he took that drive to his company, taking it to be New Zealand’s leading construction firm.
He has spent his life going after what he has wanted, and he has his sites firmly set on Emily!

Soon Emily finds herself questioning why she is trying to hold off Blake, but there’s a catch it seems someone wants her gone from Blake’s life permanently.

Capture Her Heart – is the first book in the Glen Point Series , small town contemporary sexy romance.

If you like international locales , sizzling sex scenes , smart woman and a book with a suspense edge. You’ll love this latest HEA instalment from Catrina Maddox.