Someone is messing with her dream!

Madelyn ‘Mads’ Cater has the chance to create success on her own terms. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re trying to prove something to yourself. Madelyn has gotten the opportunity to be someone else, now one in Glen Point knows about her past.!

Cain Rawlins knows what it’s like when everyone has an opinion on your life. His wealthy parents disapproved of his life choices. As an ex-SAS doctor who found his passion for the art he creates. He has carved out a life that he is more than happy with. He’s intrigued by the pretty cafe owner, so when it’s clear that she needs help after someone starts messing with her, he rushes in to help.

Will it be enough to avoid the shadows tracking her life……..

His Found Treasure – is the third book in the Glen Point Series , small town , New Zealand , contemporary sexy romance.

If you like international locales , sizzling sex scenes , smart woman and a book with a suspense edge. You’ll love this latest HEA instalment from Catrina Maddox.