An alpha Polar Bear Shifter, a childhood friend, and a murder—nothing’s fair in love or criminal investigations… 

Liam Seal thinks he’s coming home to his fated mate. Nope. She’s investigating the murder of his sister’s boyfriend. 

Liam’s wealthy family never forgave him for being an alpha elite—as if he could have avoided his nature—and he left home rather than take up the head of his family, expecting his sisters to pick up his slack. Leaving them behind wasn’t easy, but leaving behind Ava George, the girl who accepted him and smelled wonderful to his bear. 

Coming home to her gives him the opportunity to see if what they had was real. 

Instead, he finds her all grown up. She’s a cop, investigating the death of his sister’s boyfriend. He’s stunned and ready to help her. But when someone targets Ava, he will stop at nothing to protect her. Even become a monster.