It’s Christmas Time in Glen Point and someone needs a Christmas miracle!!

For ‘Midnight’ Smith there is no such thing as, gallant knights or family time under the Christmas tree. 

For her, trust is a hard given item. But “Hunt,” her cyber buddy, has earned it in spades with his actions without even meeting him. Midnight is in need of a Knight to help her resolve the nightmarish reality of her life when she made a wrong move.

Can “Hunt” help her again, this time it’s a big favor one that means life or death for her.

Hunter “Hunt” Jones is on leave from his role as an elite SAS Solider due to injury, and for once, he’s at a loose end.

Memories of what could have been had been haunting him more than usual. Thankful, he has the mysterious “Zero” as he knows her online to keep him from going off the rails.

Can Hunter show Midnight that Knight’s do exist even when their armour is hidden?